St Andrews‘CAUSE YOU CAN works in close partnership with Primary schools in London’s deprived areas.             Our educational workshops build children’s confidence, enhance well-being and help develop their social and communication skills.

Performing Arts (music, drama, dance, video arts, circus skills) stimulate active learning and develop self-expression, communication and teamwork.

Our ethical and secular framework aims to raise children’s awareness of the way they feel, think, speak and act. This helps them to interact with others in a mindful and positive way.   Each session has a theme encouraging the development of a personal quality, or value.

After-school workshops culminate in live shows the children design and perform to family, friends and teachers. The creative process is led by the children (themes, scripts, costumes, music compositions) which helps to promote engagement and ownership.


IMG_1520‘CAUSE YOU CAN also provides vocational training and work opportunities for young people (16 to 25) who have a interest in arts and education.

Young apprentices help facilitating the workshops and setting-up the performances, whilst acting as mentors and positive role-models for the children.