CYC asks schools to identify children who they think would benefit from being involved. Although we are based in Lambeth, any child between the ages of six and twelve is eligible if they live in a deprived area of London. We ask schools to share background information on the children to ensure that we can respond to individual needs and evaluate progress.

Hosting schools need to provide a suitable room for the workshops and practical support with organising the performances, such as sending invitations to parents and guardians.


Financial costs

CYC is committed to building sustainable partnerships with schools and children services. We do not wish to exclude anyone because of lack of funding and we use match funding, so that partnering schools only have to pay a minimal fee towards the project delivery.

If you want to host the workshops for one term only (or twelve sessions) you will definitely notice some benefits, but greater benefits will be gained through longer-term involvement.

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Performance rehearsal in Granton