CYC’s workshops are facilitated by experienced and qualified Performing Arts’ Instructors. All Instructors hold a current and enhanced Disclosure & Barring Services’ (DBS) check. Facilitators, working in pairs, train and supervise a young apprentice who receives training for planning, facilitating and organising of the live performances, as well as performing.

The number of children per session is limited to ensure children and young people receive support they need to feel safe and progress. We provide healthy snacks and refreshments.

Volunteers help with fundraising, marketing, organising the live shows, filming and editing.

Core principles

Children and young people in the UK are increasingly affected by social and economic issues that critically undermine their potential for learning. Recent government-led studies (Measuring Child Poverty, 2012) however show that developing social and behavioural skills early on can help them to become happier, well-balanced and successful adults.

Granton Primary school Our workshops are designed to develop such skills by channeling creativity, motivation and self-expression, which help acknowledging one’s own strengths and potential.

Performance provides an exciting opportunity to demonstrate skills and abilities developed during the workshops. Working as a team towards this common goal has a significant impact on motivation and relationships.

‘CAUSE YOU CAN promotes leadership skills through a value-based educational framework.