A professional team

Lead Facilitator with Miranda, 16, Young Apprentice“The children who had been previously involved enjoyed having their facilitators and their young mentors back. They would arrive early and make time to speak to them in the playground…”

Children and Facilitator

“We were impressed with the professionalism of CYC’s staff. They were friendly and courteous at all times. They built up a good rapport with the children and managed their behaviour consistently, and well.” Headteacher, St Bernadette Junior School, Clapham South


Lead FacilitatorLeqad Facilitator Emilio“The parents were delighted to see their children perform, sing, dance and play instruments. Thank you and your staff for providing our children with the opportunity to work with such talented people.” Special Educational Needs Officer, St Andrew’s Primary School, Stockwell


A sustainable impact


Workshop at St Bernadette Primary schoolSocial & emotional

“We feel that the input has had a long-lasting positive emotional effect on the pupils involved.” Teacher, Granton Primary School, Streatham

“I have made friends! I don’t feel lonely anymore.Catherine, 11

“I’ve seen a lot of positive changes since her participation in the workshops: her behaviour has shifted…” Parent, St Bernadette Junior School


Participation & academic attainment


Granton Primary schoolCopy of Music workshop“I’ve learned not to be shy and to participate.” Kajarn, 10

“We have noticed a ‘knock-on’ effect this term. The children are taking a more vocal part in their class activities and peer groups.” Teacher, Granton Primary School

“He believes in himself now and has improved in his school work.” Parent, Granton Primary school



St Bernadette Primary school 5“Now I like to join in more and I feel more comfortable in a group… I’m more happy!” Miracle, 9           

Singing Workshop“The children enjoyed being filmed, creating the scripts and working with their mentors.” Special Education Needs Officer, St Andrew’s Primary School

“Congratulations for it was really clear from the performance yesterday how much the children have enjoyed the workshops.” Louise Palmer, Community Development Officer, OPEN UP

Granton Primary school

St Andrew's Church of England Primary School

“The children enjoyed the individual attention that they received and the themes they discussed…” Teacher, St Andrew’s Primary school

Confidence & self-belief

Freya“When I’m singing, I feel confident! I feel like I can do more things like singing.” Freya, 7







“The shy and reserved students shone on stage. After the performance, parents commented that they had seen a positive change in their children’s behaviour who had become more confident when speaking with adults outside of school.” Special Education Needs Coordinator


Smiley Girl“My daughter has grown in confidence and become more outspoken at home. She is showing greater enthusiasm to try new things and shows more openness to others.” Parent, St Bernadette Junior School

“The children who attended have greatly benefited from the St Bernadette Junior schoolexperience. The pupils who previously seemed to have low self-esteem were well practiced with their lines and delivered them with confidence.” Headteacher, St Bernadette Junior School

Social & communication skills


“I like it because we learn to listen to others and to work together.” Casey, 10

1357777920The children involved are being more vocal in class and are having a ‘Can do!’ attitude! SENCO, St Andrew’s

“We were amazed that the children performed to an audience including their parents, free of fear or inhibitions. The performance was well attended and supported.” Senior Lead for Inclusion, St Bernadette Junior School

Performance at  St Andrew's 2 
Performance rehearsal in Granton
“The children were incredibly focused and brilliant in their performance. One of my pupils actually spoke (a lot!) and he’s normally quiet!” 
Teacher, Herbert Morrison Primary School, Vauxhall