Performing Arts’ Workshops for Children (6-11)

‘Cause YOU Can‘s programmes build confidence, skills, character and resilience. Series of workshops culminate in public events where children perform live acts that they have designed and co-produced. This unique form and level of creative empowerment boosts emotional intelligence, leadership and teamworking skills.

Performing arts are the tools we use to teach those skills and facilitate active learning. We use fun and inclusive methods to meet the children’s diverse needs and interests. Each two hour session includes team building and physical activities, creative writing, discussions, and performing arts-based training or rehearsals towards the final show.

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“We’ve learnt a new song! I’m so excited about the show!” Matilda, 7

Social and communication skills surge through active teamwork and public speaking. Writing lines, poems, stories and narratives has a noticeable impact on literacy skills. The creative process also allows the children to explore their own challenges; growing up in a big city, trying to ‘fit in’ at school, bullying… in a safe, supportive environment.

“I like it because we learn to listen to each other and to work together.” Freya, 8

The way they overcome such challenges is often the message that they want to share. Success stories that are brought to the stage reveal strength, humour and resilience. Live shows are opportunities for them to celebrate their achievements and to receive positive feedback from the audience. All children can see that they, too, can succeed!

Filmmaking Courses for Young People (12-25)

‘Cause YOU Can delivers Filmmaking courses for young people in local cinemas. We improve their employability by teaching media, business and technical skills. We develop local partnerships to increase their involvement in the community.

Filmmaking is a powerful medium that can empower, reach out and raise awareness. Students learn to speak out, write scripts, conduct interviews, plan and shoot scenes in varied locations and do the editing in a professional studio (e.g. Tellyjuice, Old Street).  They make friends, discuss ideas, have fun and tackle practical challenges as a team. Together, they create and co-produce inspiring films, screened at our public events.

“It was a very fun and insightful course. I gained a lot of skills that can be transferred to other things. I was quite shy, but the course has helped me to overcome it.” Ian, 15

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‘Cause YOU Can‘s great team won a Cool It Vision international Film Award in 2014! Their short film was screened at the Barbican, where students collected their award. The Ritzy Cinema hosted the 12 week course, followed by a busy public screening.

“Really good, energising and refreshing course! I loved learning to use a professional camera and I enjoyed the final screening. A good introduction to my life…” Andre, 24

image(1)Film-making Workshop at the Ritzy Cinema

Registration: priority given to young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). Those who struggle to achieve in education or are on a low income are welcome too. The more mature students provide peer support for the youngest ones.