Our Vision

A world in which every child and young person are entitled to the same level of education, health and wealth; a society that allows all of them to be empowered, nurtured and supported to realise their dreams and achieve their full potential.

Our Values

Integrity We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour.  We always act in the children and young people’s best interests.

Collaboration We see co-production – facilitating active partnerships between the children, young people, their families and our supporters – as essential to empower individuals, achieve common goals and support community cohesion.

Commitment We continuously strive to deliver a service that is accessible, fit for purpose and offers excellent value for money. We do not compromise on safety.

Creativity We research into new ways of working and embrace change. We take informed and positive risks to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Accountability We take responsibility for using resources efficiently, achieving measurable impact and being accountable to children and young people, their families, our supporters and partners.

Our Mission

To reduce inequalities among children and young people and increase life chances for all; to bring constant and lasting change in their lives, through creative and proactive initiatives that support their well-being and education.

Using a values-based model to promote Mindfulness

Our values-based framework enhances our students’ emotional well-being and promotes positive behaviour. We support children and young people to remain ‘kind and wise’. We increase their awareness of the way they feel, think, act and relate to others. Mindful behaviour and harmonious relationships are nurtured by putting in practice universal values and qualities, across all our programmes.